Using Node Convert to Change a Node's Content Type [Drupal 7]

Using Node Convert to Change a Node's Content Type [Drupal 7] afrank30
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Editor's Note: Node Convert has not been ported to Drupal 8, but a replacement module called Convert Bundles is under development.  At the time of writing, Convert Bundles was still in alpha testing, so it isn't ready for prime time yet, but is worth watching for future developments.

The Node Convert module can be used to switch between different page layouts without losing existing content.  One example is changing a Basic page so that it uses a Horizontal Landing Page layout.

Overview of Process

  1. After backing everything up, install the Node Convert module in the usual way.
  2. Go to People -> Permissions and set permissions for your different user roles.
  3. Optionally, if you have a LOT of content to convert, or are just feeling super fancy, you can also create "node convert templates".

Set Permissions for Users, Based on Their Role

In your site's Administration interface, go to the page where you manage which features people can use on your site. In Drupal 7, this can be found at People -> Permissions (admin/people/permissions). The main roles usually needing permissions for converting layouts are Editor and Super Administrator.

Editor Permissions

Give the "Editor" role permission to convert To AND From each of the four (4) main page layouts, by checking the boxes next to these specific permissions:

  • convert from page
  • convert to page
  • convert from horizontal_landing_page
  • convert to horizontal_landing_page
  • convert from multipurpose_page
  • convert to multipurpose_page
  • convert from vertical_landing_page 
  • convert to vertical_landing_page

Super Administrator Permissions

Give the "Super Administrator" role all of the same permissions as an Editor, but then also check the "administer conversion" box.

(Optional) Make Templates for converting content in large batches

If you need to convert a LARGE amount of content, you can make this easier by creating "Node Convert templates" (under "admin/structure/node_convert_templates" in Drupal 7).

Read documentation and examples of how to create and use these templates at: