Getting Started with Mercury

Getting Started with Mercury
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First Step: Logging In

When you log in to Mercury for the first time, a Mercury user account will automatically be created for you.  The login link is on the upper left of the Mercury website []

Please note: The Mercury system is only available on-campus or while connected to the Georgia Tech VPN.

A group administrator cannot give you access to a group in Mercury until you have logged in for the first time.  So, if you expect to use Mercury and haven't ever logged in with your Georgia Tech account (e.g. gburdell1), please do so now.

Your Default Groups

As soon as you log in, you will become a member of two groups: Georgia Tech Events Calendar, and Hg Training.

The Georgia Tech Events Calendar group is a group in which all Mercury users are a member with the basic role of Author. Currently the main calendar on the Georgia Tech Web site is populated with any event created in Mercury that is in a published state, and part of the Georgia Tech Events Calendar group. This allows users to keep internally focused events on their own sites and only promote events open to the campus on the main calendar. Therefore, when entering events get in the habit of selecting the Georgia Tech Events Calendar group with your group selections if you want your event to appear on the main calendar. Note that you're also required to select one of your "home" groups.

The Hg Training group was set up for temporary training purposes. This group serves as a testing ground for helping users become familiar with generating Mercury content. However, any images, videos, or published content you add to this group will be viewable by others in the Mercury system.

For most major campus units, there is already a group set up - consult the groups directory (login to Mercury required) to request membership from the group's manager. If none of the existing groups apply to your needs, you can use the Group Request form to submit a request for a new group.

Once you have been set up within a group, your first step to enter content into Mercury is to select the appropriate group on the right-hand side of the page. Once your group is selected, you will be given numerous options to create content on the left-hand sidebar.