Updating From version 7.x-1.x of the GT Theme to version 7.x-2.x

Updating From version 7.x-1.x of the GT Theme to version 7.x-2.x afrank30
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Editor's Note:  The following information is rather outdated, but believe it or not, there are still a few sites out there that are running version 1 of the GT Theme.  Our current-day recommendation for anyone running that theme is to strongly consider just rebuilding your site from scratch with a fresh copy of Drupal 9, as if your theme is that much out-of-date (version 2 was released in late 2013), your content and other site structures are also likely to be pretty out-of-date as well.

Below are tips and/or steps on how to update your Drupal 7 site from version 1 of the GT Theme (unofficial) to version 2 (official).

  1. Put your site in maintenance mode (and try this on a TEST site first!).
  2. Change the "Appearance" of your site, so that it uses only CORE-provided themes (such as garland).
  3. After you make copies of them and save them somewhere safe, disable any older versions of the GT Theme and any subthemes you made that were based upon it.
  4. Remove any the actual files for the older GT Theme and its subthemes from your file system.
  5. Flush the caches on your site and, just for fun, run "update.php", too.
  6. Install the parts that are required for the 2.x version of the GT Theme in this general order:
    1. GT Content Types (submodule of GT Tools)
    2. GT Tools
    3. GT Theme
    4. THEN, the GT Subtheme
  7. Check to make sure can now add the new content types (such as Horizontal landing page) that come with version 2.x of the GT Theme.
  8. Under Appearance, choose the GT Subtheme (NOT the GT Theme itself) as your default theme for this site.
  9. If re-using the same blocks for this new look, you'll need to put them into regions for this theme under Structure > Blocks.