lando and Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader requires an extra php extension outside of what lando's drupal8 recipe typically provides.


Adjust your lando.yml Landofile to include the following:

      - apt-get update -y
      - apt-get install libxslt1-dev -y
      - docker-php-ext-install xsl
      - docker-php-ext-enable xsl

Rebuild your lando environment to install the libraries:

lando rebuild -y


GitHub Submodule Management

Submodules allow you to keep a Git repository as a subdirectory of another Git repository. This lets you clone another repository into your project and keep your commits separate.

To define the submodules for the various GT Theme components, add the following sections to the .gitmodules file for each repository:

Installing Drupal 7 to OIT Web Hosting

The following sections describe options for setting up Drupal 7 on OIT Web Hosting.  These steps will give you a generic Drupal 7 installation – if you'd rather start with a more turnkey configuration, you may want to look at Drupal Express.

Installing Drupal Using Installatron

The quickest way to get Drupal setup is to use the Installatron Applications Installer, which will download and setup Drupal for you.

Where Do I Begin?

Whether you are an experienced Drupal developer / site administrator who has come to Georgia Tech, or an existing staff member asked to venture into the world of Drupal, you may be wondering how you should get started with using Drupal for a Georgia Tech website.