Logging Into Your Site

Logging Into Your Site
jtomasino3 Mon, 03/09/2015 - 16:33
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Get Permission to Edit

To add or edit content on a Drupal site, the site's administrator has to give you special permissions, so send an email asking for this permission first.  The administrator may want to offer you some training first, or they might refer you to our community training pages.

Off-campus Changes Require VPN

If you are OFF CAMPUS, you will need to connect to the VPN before you can make changes if your website is hosted on OIT Web Hosting.  Because of the security system that OIT uses, you may be able to log in to your site without going through the VPN, but you often cannot save any changes you try to make.

Using Your GT Account Username to Log In

Many campus Drupal sites (and all Drupal Express sites) are configured so that authorized editors can log in with their usual GT account username (e.g. gburdell3).  Sites configured this way will either log you in automatically (if you are already logged into your GT account username in your current browser session), or send you to the central campus login page.  If you are shown a login prompt that isn't the standard central campus login page, contact your website's administrator to find out how to access your unit's website.

Web Addresses for Logging In

If you need to log in to your site after its initial installation, go to either:

  • http://yoursite.gatech.edu/user
  • http://yoursite.gatech.edu/?q=user

Of course, be sure to replace 'yoursite.gatech.edu' with the actual hostname for your website.

Alternatively, if your site is a Drupal Express site, you can look for a Login link in the gold Georgia Tech footer bar at the bottom of any page.