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PHP 7 Upgrading Resources

  • PHP 5.6 (the last version in the PHP 5 line) reaches end-of-life on December 31, 2018.  OIT is requiring everyone to be off of PHP 5.6 by December 17, 2018, and will be moving all web hosting sites to PHP 7.1 by the close of business on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  If you run into problems, you can request to move back to PHP 5.6, but you will be forced back to PHP 7.1 on December 17th.

Logs and Logging Tools

Logging details about your site's usage can be very valuable, but if not configured properly, can also be a huge resource drain.  The following articles provide useful best practices for managing your Drupal site's logging functions.

Logs and Logging Guides and Resources

DUG: Setting Up Microphones for WebEx Meetings

Setup #1: Using Two Microphones at the Same Time

This arrangement is ideal for a large room or any room with a large table.

Main Tips

The two keys to making the "use both microphones" setup work are:

  1. set the microphones FAR APART (or else they will interfere with each other), and
  2. hook up all the cables correctly (and slightly differently) for each microphone.

Primary Microphone

Even though the two microphones are identical, you must choose one to be primary when using BOTH and then follow these steps:

DUG: WebEx Meeting Setup

WebEx Best Practices in Three Easy Steps

  • Start the recording before the meeting.  End the recording after the meeting.
  • Publish the WebEx session recording to the Mailing List after the meeting.
  • Use the two Chat150 units to set up a good microphone system.

Microphone Setup for WebEx

If videoconferencing with WebEx in a room of any size, you will probably need to use both the Chat150 and ChatAttach 150 microphones for better reception and quality.

DUG: Reserving Rooms for Monthly Meetings / Help Sessions

You can reserve up to one (1) year into the future, and should probably do so after each month's meeting, since some rooms are very popular.

Editor's Note:  These instructions were for the old Virtual EMS system, so they probably are inaccurate, but they do give the right details.  You'll just have to figure out where those details go.  Of course, feel free to update this page with the correct instructions and then remove this note.