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Logs and Logging Tools

Logging details about your site's usage can be very valuable, but if not configured properly, can also be a huge resource drain.  The following articles provide useful best practices for managing your Drupal site's logging functions.

Logs and Logging Guides and Resources

Resizing Images

It is important to resize images to best fit the needs of a particular web page.  When an image is larger than necessary, this results in users wasting time and bandwidth (which they may have to pay for on mobile devices) to download image content that they will never actually see.

Cloning Mercury Content

If an article you want to re-share is already in Mercury, it is recommended that you simply locate it and add it to one of your feeds.  However, sometimes you may need to duplicate that item, such as if the focus of the piece needs to be changed to work for your own unit's website.Image removed.