Version Agnostic

GitHub Submodule Management

Submodules allow you to keep a Git repository as a subdirectory of another Git repository. This lets you clone another repository into your project and keep your commits separate.

To define the submodules for the various GT Theme components, add the following sections to the .gitmodules file for each repository:

Where Do I Begin?

Whether you are an experienced Drupal developer / site administrator who has come to Georgia Tech, or an existing staff member asked to venture into the world of Drupal, you may be wondering how you should get started with using Drupal for a Georgia Tech website.

Installing, Upgrading (and Migrating) Drupal Sites

This section contains tips on how to install Drupal from scratch, how to apply routine point release updates, and how to migrate between major version of Drupal.  There is also a guide to moving sites from development (either on your local computer, or on a development server) to a production environment (e.g. OIT Web Hosting).  For more generic but also more official guidance, the official Drupal website has a Guide to Migrating a Drupal Site.

DUG: Drupal Site Setup Notes

Notes on the setup of the site.

  • The user roles "leadership", "advisory" and "editor" are not permission granting roles, but just categorization roles as follows:
    • leadership = User who is on the Georgia Tech Drupal User's Group leadership board
    • advisory = User who is on the Georgia Tech Drupal User's Group advisory board
    • editor = User who, at the time of the Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 site conversion, had edited at least one page on the site