Roles and Responsibilities [Drupal 10]

Roles and Responsibilities [Drupal 10] kp37
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Roles are used by Drupal to apply a set of permissions to a group of user accounts. Some roles are built into Drupal, and some are automatically created by different Georgia Tech community modules and distributions, such as Drupal Express.  Below are the roles normally found on a Drupal 10 Drupal Express website:

Anonymous user

Automatically applies to anyone visiting your site who is not logged in.

Authenticated user

Automatically applies to anyone who is logged in to your site, so be careful about what permissions this role is given.


This role can edit all pages, as well as the menu and some of the blocks / block regions on the website. It's not usually assigned automatically, but by one of your site's Administrators.


This role has full access to to all features and configuration settings of a Drupal site. It should NEVER be assigned automatically and should only be given to a highly trusted user (ideally only full-time employees).