LDAP and CAS Integration [Drupal 7]

LDAP and CAS Integration [Drupal 7] esembrat3
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Integration between LDAP and CAS allows you to grab user data fields and attributes available from the campus LDAP servers while still authenticating users via CAS. 

Editor's Note:  As the CAS Attributes module is not participating in the Drupal security advisory policy, and the code is still in beta and hasn't been updated since 2013, we can't recommend using this technique, but we are providing the instructions below as a reference.  At this time, there is no usable version of CAS Attributes for Drupal 8, so this method is only usable currently for Drupal 7 sites.

Drupal 7 Instructions

  1. Make sure the LDAP, CAS, and CAS Attributes modules are installed.
  2. Configure LDAP and CAS according to this handbook's instructions. Be sure to use the public-facing LDAP server for easiest setup.
  3. Go to the CAS Attributes settings page at Configuration -> People -> CAS -> Attributes (admin/config/people/cas/attributes)
  4. Open LDAP tokens in a second tab.
  5. Copy and paste the appropriate Tokens back to the profile fields on the CAS Attributes main settings page. 
  6. You may also want to use the Real Name module to replace displays of the user's username with a combination of other Profile fields.