Finding a Person's GT Account Username

Finding a Person's GT Account Username afrank30
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The GT Account Username is the standard computer account for everyone at Georgia Tech.  It is used to access a variety of systems including TechWorks, BuzzPort, and Mercury, and can be used to access your Drupal site by installing the CAS module.   

You may often find that need to add someone to a group in Mercury or to your Drupal site, and you need to know the person's GT Account Username.  Here are several ways that you can look up that information:

Using Office 365

[Instructions courtesy of Noel Moreno]

  • Go to the "People" area (click on the "waffle" in the upper left, then select "People").  
  • In the left column, check the radio button for "Directory".  
  • Enter the person's name, email address, partial name, etc. in the search box.  
  • Results are returned on the right.  Select the person of interest.  
  • In the data returned, the GT Account Username will in the person's "IM" value.  It will be "sip:[gt account]".

Using Command Line tools

Note: Any command line tools to query data via the Georgia Tech "White Pages" (which both the Georgia Tech Directory Tools and the 'ldapsearch' examples use) will only work from on-campus or over the campus VPN.