Whitepages GT Directory Server

Whitepages GT Directory Server esembrat3
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There is a public-facing LDAP server from which you can pull general directory information from without authentication.  This server is only accessible from servers and workstations located on one of the Georgia Tech campus subnets.

Connection Settings

Use the default settings, unless otherwise stated beow:

  • LDAP Server Type - Open LDAP
  • LDAP Server - ldap://whitepages.gatech.edu
  • LDAP Port - 389
  • Binding Method - Anonymous Bind
  • Base DNs for LDAP users, groups, and other entires this server configuration - dc=whitepages,dc=gatech,dc=edu
  • AuthName attribute - uid
  • Email attribute - mail

Testing Queries

To test queries, see the OIT article on LDAP.

Specific Clients

  • Mac Mail: LDAP Server: whitepages.gatech.edu (adding "ldap://" into the field causes the lookup to fail for me. --Sterling)