CK Editor / GT Editor Toolbar Control Buttons

CK Editor / GT Editor Toolbar Control Buttons
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Many campus Drupal websites have either the What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) text editor called CKEditor, or the custom built specialized version of CKEditor known as "GT Editor".

The table below describes many of the control buttons you will find on the CKEditor or GT Editor toolbar.  If your control buttons don't look like these, you should ask your site administrator or local web developer to look into upgrading your site to the latest version of CKEditor.

Note: The control name can be seen by hovering over the control, and is what should be heard when working with accessibility technology.

Note: It is possible that your site administrator may have removed or rearranged control buttons or added ones not described below.  In addition, Drupal 8 sites will not have all of the buttons below by default, as Drupal 8 comes with a minimal functionality version of CKEditor.

Control Button Image Control Button Name Additional Notes
Maximize Maximizes the editor in the browser window so you can see more of your content while editing.
Styles Formatting Styles Lets you apply pre-defined combinations of various formatting styles to text.
B Bold  
I Italic  
X2 Superscript  
X2 Subscript  
Insert Special Character  
Insert Teaser Break Creates an invisible break to tell Drupal that everything above the break (and nothing below it) should be shown when this page is shown in a search listing or Views listing.
Insert Horizontal Line  
Insert/Remove Bulleted List  
Insert/Remove Numbered List  
Decrease Indent In a numbered or bulleted list, moves the current item up a level (further to the left)
Increase Indent In a numbered or bulleted list, moves the current item down a sub-level (further to the right)
Table Lets you create and configure a table
Image Lets you insert an image into your content
Link (to content) Link to other pages, uploaded files, other websites, etc.
Unlink Removes a link from text, returning the text to normal text.
Anchor Create a link anchor in your text, which can be used to send users directly to that part of the page.
Paste from Word Tries to preserve formatting and strip unnecessary markup when pasting in content from Microsoft Word
Source Source View and/or edit the HTML source code for your content.