Updating Drupal 10 Core and Modules

Updating Drupal 10 Core and Modules kp37
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Most Drupal 10 installations on campus will be hosted on OIT Web Hosting and managed through composer (not Installatron as was used for Drupal 7 and earlier).  Updating Drupal 10 under composer is relatively straightforward, but does involve several steps:

  1. For good measure, open the site in a web browser window, log in, and put the site in maintenance mode.  Leave this window open so that you can return to it as needed.
  2. In a separate browser tab/window, log into the site's Plesk Control Panel through OIT Web Hosting.
  3. While all OIT Hosting Accounts now have automatic updates enabled, it doesn't hurt to run a full manual backup to capture the most recent changes, just in case something goes wrong while updating.
    1. Go to the Backup & Restore button in the right-hand sidebar on your site's Plesk control panel
    2. Select the Backup button and follow the prompts
  4. With your backup complete, go to the PHP Composer tool in your site's Plesk Control Panel
    1. Under Package Dependencies you should see an Update button.  Select this button.
    2. You should get a pop-up modal showing the update progress.  This may take a little while, so please be patient.
  5. When the updates are finished, return to your first browser window (the one that is logged into your Drupal site) and select the Drupal icon in the administrative toolbar for your site, then select Run updates to run database schema updates.
    1. If you have any trouble here, you can try going to the URL path of your site's home page with "/updates.php" added to the end of the URL.
  6. When the database schema updates are complete, test your site and make sure it still functions as expected.
  7. Disable maintenance mode to make the site open to the public again.