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This section describes third-party (non-Georgia Tech) modules that could be useful for your Drupal site.  These are often referred to in Drupal documentation as "contrib" modules.

You should only install modules that you absolutely need, so that your site is easier to maintain and patch.  If you decide not to use a module, be sure to both uninstall it and remove the module from your Drupal filesystem.  Uninstalling is very important: if you don't uninstall a module before removing it, your Drupal site will throw lots of errors at you.

If you are not sure what a module will do or if it will be useful, install it to a test instance of Drupal first so that you don't accidentally mess up a good site.

Drupal Contrib Module Lists

Popular Drupal 10 Contrib Modules

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Please see the introduction to contrib (third-party) modules before installing anything listed on this page.

The following information is provided as-is with no warranty or guarantees of any kind!  While members of the campus community have recommended the following modules for their listed purposes, it's perfectly possible you could blow up your Drupal website if you don't know what you're doing and install them incorrectly or alongside other modules that are incompatible.

Most descriptions are borrowed from the module's home page on the Drupal.org website.

Below is a list of popular contrib modules that have been ported to Drupal 9/8 and appear to work properly.  Do note that not all have "production" releases yet.

  • Admin Toolbar (admin_toolbar) - Replacement for the Drupal 7 Admin Menu module
  • CAS (cas) - For GT Account Username authentication (logins) to sites
  • Paragraphs (paragraphs) - API base for creating nested layout designs
  • Redirect (redirect) - Add 301 redirects automatically when page URLs change; log and manage 404 errors
  • Webform (redirect) - Has been rebuilt from the code base of YAMLForm for Drupal 8.  In production release, but very different compared to the Drupal 7 version.