DUG: Server Setup

Drupal Version

Current Server Setup

  • s1.drupal.gatech.edu - dx.drupal.gatech.edu / repo.drupal.gatech.edu : Drupal Express and Drupal 7 Repository [Drupal 7]
  • s2.drupal.gatech.edu - drupal.gatech.edu : Drupal Users Group Community Site [Drupal 8]
    • Site is running the IAC GT3 Theme found in themes/gt3 and modules/gt3_themeblocks
    • All local customizations are found in modules/gt_custom/css/iac-local.css3
    • The site leverages the IAC visual component toolkit for CKEditor, which has its css in modules/gt3_custom/css/iac-gt-core.css .  This file should not be changed, as it will periodically be updated from its master source.
    • Mercury events are retrieved via the IAC News Translator service, which in turn gets the DUG events feed from Mercury (the News Translator acts as a stand-alone caching service, to reduce the delays in retrieving a feed from Mercury).  Configuration for accessing the Translator is stored in modules/gt_custom/iac_news/iac_news.config
    • The gt_* and iac_* modules are keyed to check for updates from the IAC Drupal Repository (http://drupal.iac.gatech.edu/)
    • As the Redirect module is not ready for production use yet, all permanent redirects are stored in the .htaccess file for now, but should be moved into Drupal once a usable Redirect module comes available;  periodically, the .htaccess file should be backed up to /private as a safeguard, since it could get unintentionally overwritten during a Drupal core update.
  • s3.drupal.gatech.edu - Test / Dev Site

Previous Server Setup (for Historical Reference)

  • s1.drupal.gatech.edu: where the LIVE site lives for drupal.gatech.edu
  • s2.drupal.gatech.edu: a test/development environment for testing things before adding them to the live sites.
  • s3.drupal.gatech.edu: domain alias "training.drupal.gatech.edu" to, eventually, set up a site that can easily be re-set, so editors can login and try out this editing pages in drupal thing, without worrying about breaking anything.