DrupalCon Austin 2014 - 06/04 Forum One Meetup


Drupal extraordinaire (and ex GT employee) Derek Moon ( http://forumone.com/staff/derek-moon/ ) has invited the GT Drupal community to an after-party hosted by his new comfy digs at Forum One.

Details are below:

Where: Brass House, 115 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701
When: Wednesday June 4, 2014. 6-8 pm CDT
Why: Live music, light food, and a free drink or two!

I should note that Brass House is also the same place that the Acquia Education Networking event (also on Wednesday, 06/04, from 5-6:30pm) is being held. So stop by, knock two social events off in one go, and catch up with Derek!

Should be a good warm up for Adelle's Board Game Night.


RSVP at EventBrite.