Adding Multiple Jump Links to GT Super Blocks [Drupal 7]

Drupal Version

To allow more than one jump link on each Superblock, a quick hack is needed.

Please note:  This is not guaranteed to work with future versions of Super Block, so proceed at your own risk.


Log in to GT Github and download the templates/node--super-block.tpl.php file from the gt_ae project.

Adding Multiple Jump Links

  1. On your website, edit the content type Super Block.
  2. Select Manage Fields.
  3. Select Edit, to the right of Jump Link (field_nbsb_jump_link).
  4. Under Number of Values, increase the value from 1 to your desired number (supports up to unlimited).
  5. Add the templates/node--super-block.tpl.php file to your subtheme's templates/ folder.
  6. Clear caches.
  7. Test to see if it works.