Adding a Video to Mercury

Drupal Version

Overview of Steps

  1. Upload your video to YouTube and add accessible captions.
  2. Choose a name for your video.
  3. Select Create Video on the left side and follow these instructions:
  4. Enter a title for the video, which will appear next to the video within a news or event item.
  5. Enter the You Tube URL for the video
  6. Select any appropriate categories from the list and enter any keywords for the video.
  7. Choose the appropriate group(s) in the Groups audience field.
  8. Select Save.

Video Naming for Ease of Access

Make it easier to find videos when trying to add them to news items. Use a simple pattern for the Title field, such as:

  • Organization name or abbreviation: Clough
  • Significant subprogram or subcategory for your organization: Art Crawl or Students
  • Date image was created or uploaded: 2013
  • Short phrase describing image (1-4 words): Winners in photography

In this example, your title for this video would be: "Clough Art Crawl 2013 - Winners in photography."

Where to Add Videos for News/Events

On both the Create Event and Create News pages, you can add videos under the section called Media.

To attach individual videos, start typing the title of a video you've created into one of these Media fields.