Categories and Keywords

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Mercury provides a variety of ways to categorize and tag your content, and understanding their meanings will help you to utilize them effectively.

Core Research Areas

Georgia Tech has organized its research into core areas of special interest, and encourages you to tag News items with these areas in Mercury.  These research area tags are used to help find stories:

  • By those reading our news sites, such as the main NewsroomResearch Horizons, and Research (which pull almost all their news from Mercury)
  • By Institute Communications staff, to filter stories from our many brilliant units to feature on these central news sites
  • By individual units to highlight their news stories based on topic (using Feeds)

List of Research Areas

Georgia Tech has organized its research into the following core areas of special interest:

  • Bioengineering and Bioscience
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Engineering and Science
  • Electronics and Nanotechnology
  • Energy and Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing, Trade, and Logistics
  • Materials
  • National Security
  • People and Technology
  • Public Service, Leadership, and Policy
  • Renewable Bioproducts
  • Robotics
  • Systems


Category tags allow for easier sorting of content items.  Event category tags will help visitors browsing events on the main Georgia Tech Events Calendar to narrow down the list to those types of events they are most interested in attending.

News, Image and Video Categories

  • Institute and Campus
    • Alumni
    • Arts @ Tech
      • Community
      • Education
      • Exhibitions
      • Performances
      • Art Research
      • Student Art
    • Congressional Testimony
    • Economic Development and Policy
    • Institute Leadership
    • Special Events and Guest Speakers
    • Student and Faculty
    • Student Research
  • Research
    • Aerospace
    • Architecture
    • Biotechnology, Health, Bioengineering, Genetics
    • Business
    • Cancer Research
    • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
    • City Planning, Transportation, and Urban Growth
    • Computer Science/Information Technology and Security
    • Digital Media and Entertainment
    • Energy
    • Engineering
    • Environment
    • Life Sciences and Biology
    • Military Technology
    • Music and Music Technology
    • Nanotechnology and Nanoscience
    • Physics and Physical Sciences
    • Policy, Social Sciences, and Liberal Arts
    • Robotics 

Event Categories

  • Arts and Performance
  • Career/Professional development
  • Conference/Symposium
  • Other/Miscellaneous
  • Seminar/Lecture/Colloquium
  • Sports/Athletics
  • Student sponsored
  • Training/Workshop

Invited Audiences (for Events)

This option lets you indicate who your event is aimed at. You can choose more than one audience, if you'd like, by holding down Control/Command while clicking on each audience.  Setting the invited audiences allows people to narrow down which events they might be interested in when browsing events on the main Georgia Tech Events Calendar.

You can choose one or more of the following audiences:

  • Undergraduate Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Public


Keywords allow you to tag Mercury content for later sorting.  This can be helpful when you need additional categories that aren't included in the shared Categories already offered.  Keywords:

  • Are not generally displayed on central news or events sites, and are more often used for your unit's web site.
  • Must be spelled and capitalized identically in order to be used for sorting and filtering.
  • Are entered as a comma-separated list of terms describing the item, e.g. "aircraft" or "5th street."
  • Should be kept as short and as plentiful as possible
  • Should not be a repeat of the item title.