Configure CAS (Drupal 7)

Drupal Version

The following settings should be adequate for most Georgia Tech developers using Drupal version 7.

The CAS configuration page can be found on the black administration toolbar under Configuration -> People -> CAS Settings

Alternatively, you can access the configuration page by adding "/admin/config/people/cas" to the end of your site's front page URL.

CAS Server

  • Version — 3.0 or higher
  • Hostname —
  • Port — 443
  • URI — /cas
  • Certificate Authority PEM Certificate — /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt

Login Form

  • Add CAS link to login forms — Make CAS login default on login forms
  • CAS login invitation — Log In
  • Drupal login invitation — default
  • Redirection notification message — You will be redirected to the secure GT login page.
  • Successful login message — Logged in via GT as %cas_username.

User Accounts

  • Automatically create Drupal accounts — unchecked/checked
    (Whether a Drupal account is automatically created the first time a CAS user logs into the site. If disabled, you will need to pre-register Drupal accounts for authorized users.)
  • Email address: username@ —
  • Roles — authenticated user
  • Users cannot change email address — checked
  • Users cannot change password — checked


  • Check with the CAS server to see if the user is already logged in? — unchecked
  • Require CAS login for — specific pages
    (Enter one page per line as Drupal paths. The '*' character is a wildcard. Example paths are 'contact' for the site-wide contact form, 'user' for the sitewide login page, 'forms/*' for every form you create under this fake directory.)
  • Excluded pages — default

Login/Logout Destinations

  • Initial login destination —
    (Drupal path or URL. Enter a destination if you want the user to be redirected to this page on their first CAS login. An example path is "<front>" for the front page, or "user" for the user's page.)
  • Logout destination — <none>
  • Change password URL —
  • Registration URL — blank

Miscellaneous & Experimental

  • Initialize CAS as proxy — unchecked
  • CAS debugging output filename — leave blank