Configure CAS (Drupal 7)

Drupal Version

The following settings should be adequate for most Georgia Tech developers using Drupal version 7.

The CAS configuration page can be found at: http://yoursite/admin/config/people/cas

CAS Server

  • Version — 2.0 or higher
  • Hostname —
  • Port — 443
  • URI — /cas
  • Certificate Authority PEM Certificate — leave blank

Login Form

  • Add CAS link to login forms — Make CAS login default on login forms
  • CAS login invitation — Log In
  • Drupal login invitation — default
  • Redirection notification message — You will be redirected to the secure GT login page.
  • Successful login message — Logged in via GT as %cas_username.

User Accounts

  • Automatically create Drupal accounts — unchecked/checked
    (Whether a Drupal account is automatically created the first time a CAS user logs into the site. If disabled, you will need to pre-register Drupal accounts for authorized users.)
  • Email address: username@ —
  • Roles — authenticated user
  • Users cannot change email address — checked
  • Users cannot change password — checked


  • Check with the CAS server to see if the user is already logged in? — unchecked
  • Require CAS login for — specific pages
    (Enter one page per line as Drupal paths. The '*' character is a wildcard. Example paths are 'contact' for the site-wide contact form, 'user' for the sitewide login page, 'forms/*' for every form you create under this fake directory.)
  • Excluded pages — default

Login/Logout Destinations

  • Initial login destination —
    (Drupal path or URL. Enter a destination if you want the user to be redirected to this page on their first CAS login. An example path is "<front>" for the front page, or "user" for the user's page.)
  • Logout destination — <none>
  • Change password URL —
  • Registration URL — blank

Miscellaneous & Experimental

  • Initialize CAS as proxy — unchecked
  • CAS debugging output filename — leave blank