Creating an Automated Feed in Mercury

Drupal Version

Getting Started

  1. Log in to Mercury (at
  2. Select the link for your group (example: "Office of Something Awesome") in the column on the right side of the screen.
  3. Select the green Create automated link in the Create... section of the right column.

Rule of Thumb

Tailor your feed output (using the options under Show items where...) to the smallest set necessary for your needs.  The more items you include, the harder Mercury has to work to assemble your feed, and the slower your website will get each time it connects to Mercury to get an update of your feed.

Consider limiting any archive feeds to no more than two years worth of news or events.  Chances are good that no one is really going to want to wade through anything more than that on your website.  If your unit's leadership wants to highlight specific news or events from an earlier time, just create a static "Historic Highlights" page and post the relevant information to that page so that interested site visitors can easily find it.

Create Your Feed Filter


  • For Item type is any of..., chose only those items types that you need.  A good practice is to create only single-type feeds (i.e. one feed for news, and a second feed for events).
  • For Group, choose the name of your group.  Otherwise, you'll be pulling items from every group in Mercury, which is never a good idea.
  • To limit items based on dates, use:
    • Event start for an events feeds
    • News dateline for a news feed
    Next, select a filter type:
    • after
    • on or after
    • before
    • on or before
    • between
    Next, enter your actual filter.  Below are some examples of commonly used filters:
    • News dateline is... - the exact moment that the feed is being assembled
    • 2 months ago
    • 3 years ago
    • 2017-05-15 - A specific date in year-month-day format
    • For more possible date formats, please see the PHP Guide to Relative Date Formats
    As an example, 'News dateline' 'after' '1 year ago' will give you a feed of all news from the past year.

At any time, you can select APPLY FILTERS to see what Mercury items you get.  If you don't get anything, then either you set up a rule wrong, or there just isn't any content yet that matches those rules.  (It's always helpful to have a least one item in the system that matches the feed you are creating, just to act as a sanity check that you have your filter rules entered correctly.)

Feed Item Limits

  • For an automated feed, any items beyond 200 items will not be displayed.  
  • For a manual feed, any new items beyond 200 will not be added.