Embedding Digital Videos in CKEditor / GT Editor

Drupal Version

Embedding Georgia Tech MediaSpace Repository Content

A good solution for the Georgia Tech MediaSpace (Kaltura) repository has not been developed yet.  In the meantime, an experimental MediaSpace embed module is available for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 from the developer who created the embed module for the now retired OIT Digital Media Repository.  Use at your own risk!

After installing either module, you will have to add the new input filter to your preferred text formats.  Make sure to set the ordering so that the filter comes last after all other filters.  This ensures that the filter's Javascript code does not get filtered out by any of your other text filters.

Embedding OIT Digital Media Repository Content

The OIT Digital Media Initiatives (DMI) repository has been retired.  Please use the Georgia Tech MediaSpace repository (see previous section) for all of your media repository needs.

Embedding YouTube and Vimeo Videos

Option #1 - Video Embed Field (Drupal 7 or 8)

  1. Download, install, and enable the Video Embed Field module.
  2. Add the new video field type to one or more of your Drupal Content Types.
  3. Content editors can now add videos to nodes of those content types by inserting the right linking details into the video field.
  4. WebWash provides a tutorial about video styles you can create with the Video Embed Field module.

Option #2 - Video Filter (Drupal 7)

  1. Download, install, and enable the Video Filter module.
  2. In the administrative configuration area of Drupal under Content authoring -> Text formats, configure each text format that you want to be able to use embedded videos.
    1. Enable the video filter.
    2. In the Filter processing order section, move the video filter down to the bottom of the list so that it is applied after all other filters.
    3. Don't forget to save your changes.
  3. On pages that use one of these configured text formats, you can now insert a video shortcode to create an embed of a supported video type.  See the download page at the link above for the full list of supported video services and formats.
  4. Example shortcode for embedding a video:

[ VIDEO::http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98nNpzE6gIs::aVideoStyle ]

Option #3 - Ivan Allen College oEmbed Support Module

  1. Install the IAC Support for oEmbed Formats for Drupal 8 module
  2. Add the new "Embed remote content with oEmbed links" input filter to your preferred text formats
  3. Where you want to place a YouTube video, just paste in the video's oEmbed URL (see the oEmbed module's instructions for full details)