Forcing Updates in Mercury Reader

Drupal Version

Have you made a new event or updated one of your news items in Mercury, but those changes are not showing up on your website?

This usually means you need to flush caches for Mercury on your site, forcing it to go check for the latest items and updated information.  Flushing caches just means wiping clean the temporary files Drupal produces to help speed up your website and rebuilding them with the latest settings, content, and configurations. You can learn more on's article on clearing caches.

You can flush caches two different ways:

  • Log into your site (NOTE: you may need Administrator privileges to complete the following steps)
  • Navigate to the Mercury block that is out of date, or to a news or event item's individual page
  • Select the grey button that says "Flush this item from the cache". You will find this link directly underneath the page title and above the body text on the page, as shown below.