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Drupal 7 Georgia Tech Theme

Since September of 2013, Georgia Tech Institute Communications has provided an official Georgia Tech Drupal theme suitable for all official unit websites, including but not limited to college, school, project center, and administrative units. This Drupal 7 (D7) theme implements the Georgia Tech Website Visual Style Requirements that all official websites are expected follow.

2019 Updated Drupal 7 Theme

A new version of the Drupal 7 Georgia Tech Theme updated to the new "Tech Gold" color scheme was released in early March 2019. Make sure you use the latest version, which as of April 16th, 2019 is 3.2.  The previous versions of GT Tools (2.9) and Super Block (2.9) will continue to work with the new theme package, so they do not need to be updated unless they were not already up-to-date on your site.

Drupal 7 Theme Configuration Walk-through Video

If you are new to the Georgia Tech Drupal theme, you can watch the installation and configuration of the Georgia Tech Theme section of the video recording of the November 2013 GT Build Day. This is the first section of the video and runs approximately 45 minutes.  Please note this video demonstrates the old pre-2019 theme, but the techniques for installing and configuring the theme remain the same for Drupal 7.

Drupal 8 Georgia Tech Theme

Institute Communications' project to create a new theme that's compatible with Drupal 8 (D8) will go through several phases, from April to October 2018, and into early 2019.

Drupal 8 Theme Completed Deliverables

Based on feedback from campus stakeholders, Institute Communications will revisit the current Drupal 7 theme, incorporating the new header-footer design, in early 2019. The Drupal 8 B theme, which will include components/elements built into CKEditor and brand-aligned body design styles applied to views, has been added to the project list.

Drupal 8 Theme Target Dates

  • Body design elements style sheet: first week of December
  • Drupal 8 B theme: TBD

Drupal 8 Theme Timeline (Subject to Change)

Drupal 8 Theme Development Contacts

Louise Russo
Director of Institute Digital Strategy
Email: Louise Russo

Tionna Carthon
Director of Institute Marketing and Communications Consulting
Email: Tionna Carthon

Page Update History

  • Edited November 15, 2018: Moved delivery date for body design elements spec sheet from November to first week in Dec.
  • Edited November 13, 2018: Moved delivery date for Drupal 7 theme from first week in January to late January.
  • Edited November 13, 2018: Added Drupal 8 B theme to calendar for delivery mid-February. 
  • Edited August 9, 2018: Changed Mercury Reader module delivery date from end of July to mid-August

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