Georgia Tech Modules

Drupal Version

A number of custom modules for Drupal have been created by groups at Georgia Tech to aid campus web developers in building Drupal sites and connecting to Georgia Tech specific data sources.  The vast majority of these modules can be found in our central repository, and some of the more notable modules are described below:

Campus Supported Projects

GT Theme

The GT Theme is the official supported implementation of the website branding theme approved by Georgia Tech Institute Communications.  It requires the installation of the GT Tools module first (see below).

GT Tools

The GT Tools module provides some additional functionality that Drupal doesn't support directly in a theme package.  The Drupal 7 version also includes the GT Content Types sub-module, which provides the special content types "Horizontal Landing Page", "Vertical Landing Page", and "Multipurpose Page".

Mercury (Hg) Reader

The Mercury (Hg) Reader module lets you connect your Drupal site to Georgia Tech Mercury News and Events feeds.

Super Block Module (Drupal 7)

The Super Block Module provides content blocks preformatted with Georgia Tech design styles and colors.  It is installed like any other Drupal module, and will create a new content type called "Super Block".  The Drupal Editor's handbook describes how to create and use Super Blocks.

Community Supported Projects

Editor's Note: While GT Editor and GT Login are still part of the Drupal Express distribution of Drupal, they are no longer being supported and it is recommended that they not be installed on any non-Drupal Express site.

The following projects are not supported by Georgia Tech Institute Communications or the Office of Information Technology.  There is some limited help available from the campus web development community, but in general you should not install and use these projects unless you are a skilled Drupal developer who can handle advanced support and troubleshooting of Drupal modules.

GT Editor (Drupal 7)

GT Editor is a Drupal feature package that implements a WYSIWYG text editor with a great deal more control over what content editors can create, preventing them from doing things that might be dangerous (embedding JavaScript, for example.)  The WYSIWYG Text Editors section has documentation on configuring GT Editor.

GT Login (Drupal 7)

GT Login is a Drupal feature package that installs the CAS module and configures it to work effectively with the Georgia Tech CAS user authentication server.  Some web developers may prefer to just install the CAS module manually and configure it themselves.

GT SubTheme (Drupal 7)

GT SubTheme is a theme for Drupal that extends the GT Theme (see above) and makes it easier to add your own customizations to the theme.  Some GT provided modules may expect you to have GT SubTheme installed.