GitHub at Georgia Tech

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Georgia Tech staff, students, and faculty can now use a Georgia Tech instance of GitHub, a version/revision control system.  This service is available thanks to the College of Engineering's brilliant proof of concept with GitHub Enterprise, and the ensuing excited buy-in from the Office of Information Technology.

What is GitHub and Why Should I Use Revision Control?

GitHub is a proprietary hosted extension of the open-source Git version/revision control system commonly used for open-source software projects.  It is very useful for multi-developer projects, as it allows coordinating and tracking code changes and the orderly acceptance and integration of those changes into the master project.  Version control also makes it much easier to revert back to an earlier version of the software if it is discovered that accepted changes have caused unexpected problems.

Or, to put it short, it'll save your bacon.  Figuratively, not literally.

Support Policy

OIT does not offer technical support or training for Git or GitHub usage.  If you want to learn how to use git, see below for many educational resources.

Accessing Georgia Tech GitHub Enterprise

Just go to and log in with your GT Account Username and password.

GitHub User Software

You can access repositories in GitHub using git from the command line of most Unix based operating systems (see GitHub's KB), but you can also use a variety of GUI (graphical user interface) applications, such as:

Drupal List

We have a Drupal community group in GitHub that allows users to share and collaborate on projects. Please add collaborative projects to the GT Drupal group on GitHub at Georgia Tech.

Learn to Use git with GitHub Resources

You can learn how to use git (and GitHub) with these tools from GitHub Enterprise, such as:

  • Guides: Tutorials, tips, and workflows to help you and your team learn about GitHub.
  • Reference Sheets: Quick reference guides and manuals for GitHub 

Learn to Use git with General Internet Resources

The internet has lots of other great places to teach you about git. Here are a few:

Local GitHub Guides and Resources