GT Theme Settings Guide [Drupal 7]

Drupal Version

The GT theme version 2.x offers a variety of settings options.

How to Manage Theme Settings

To manage these options:

Description of Theme Settings

These include:

Georgia Tech Logo Options

Select the default GT logo, or go with one of the college logos. You can also upload a file to use, but it must be a transparent .png, and be within the specified dimensions -- plus be an official logo approved by Institute Communications! Contact Institute Communications if you need assistance getting a logo generated in the proper format.

Styling Version

This setting (only available in versions 2.5 through 2.7) configures which CSS/styling is applied to the GT website.  It allows you to switch to the new layout/style treatment (2.5) or stay backwards-compatible with previous styling. This is to help avoid "breaking" any styling folks may have done via a custom subtheme. The version 2.5 styling option also includes support for a couple of block classes that are added through the GT Tools module (/admin/config/system/gt):

New CSS styles for adding icons to block titles:

New CSS styles for adding colored backgrounds to block titles:

  • block-title-bg-gt-blue - GT Navy blue background w/ white text
  • block-title-bg-gt-gold - GT "Buzz" gold background w/ white text
  • block-title-bg-gray - "Dark" gray background (#646464) w/ white text

Site Header

These settings configure site header actions.

  1. Site Header Title: Same as the previous theme. The text provided here will appear in the site header, to the right of the main logo. The text will be set in "Buzz" Gold.
  2. Hide Home Page Title: Check this box if you want the default page title text to NOT appear on your home page. Note that this is NOT the Site Header Title (as mentioned above,) but the node title of your home page for your site.
  3. Search Options: (Removed in version 2.7) Select to have your search be the built-in Drupal search, the campus Google appliance, or user choice.
  4. Breadcrumb Options: By default the breadcrumb will list a link back to the main Georgia Tech site homepage first. If you'd like to have another default link always appear after the Georgia Tech link use these fields.

​Super Footer

These settings relate to the superfooter at the bottom of each page.

  1. Remove Superfooter: (Added in version 2.7): completely hide the superfooter
  2. Super Footer Menus Setup: The Full Georgia Tech Default option will give you the exact same set of super footer menus that appear on the home page of The Georgia Tech Minimum option will give you just the menu from the left column in the super footer of the home page at, but the menu will be broken up into two shorter menus. The Configurable option allows you to have three fully configurable menus in your site's super footer.
  3. Collapsed Super Footer: Check this option if you would like to have the super footer collapsed by default. If this option is checked a "Resources" tab will appear above the lower footer, which serves as an open/close trigger for the super footer.
  4. Campus Map Image and Custom Street Address: By default the site super footer area will show an image of the campus map plus link to the map site, and the official GT mailing address. You can opt to upload your own map image, and have it link to where ever you'd like, plus enter your address.

Footer Login

These settings configure site footer login actions.

  1. Show a login link in the footer.
  2. Redirect to current page: (Added in version 2.7) instead of being redirected to homepage after you log in.
  3. Alternate Login URL: (Added in version 2.7): If you use a different URL to log in to your site, provide that full URL (i.e.,