GT Theme v2.8 - Search Text Box Not Appearing

Drupal Version

Georgia Tech Drupal websites may notice that their search bar stops working after upgrading to version 2.8 of the official Georgia Tech Theme.  If your website was built by a developer or a vendor and uses overwritten template files, your website will likely exhibit this problem.


Search Box Does Not Appear

If your search selector shows an empty box (instead of the usual search box), you need to fix your Georgia Tech subtheme to match the new templates implemented in version 2.8.


Errors in Your System Logs

If you see an error like the following in your Drupal system log, your website likely has a broken search box.

Notice: Undefined variable: search_option_value in include() (line X of /var/www/vhosts/[theme name]/page.tpl.php).


To fix this bug, replace the blob for your search box in any page-*.tpl.php files in your subtheme (sites/all/themes/[subtheme]/templates/[any page- tpl.php file] with the blob of search box code found in the file GT 2.8 Theme file sites/all/themes/gt/templates/page.tpl.php

Do not simply replace/overwrite the subtheme template file, as your subtheme may utilize custom template structure beyond the search box.