How to Share Content Between Groups in Mercury

Drupal Version

The Interface

In the navigation bar of Mercury, Groups > My Groups will let you choose from a list of the Groups of which you are a member.

Don't Use Groups as Categories

One of the most basic ways you can sort your Mercury content is by using Groups. However, since the purpose of groups is to control who can edit (and delete) content, you will have more control over which items show on your website by using manual feeds and talking with your counterparts in other groups about news or events you would each like to share.

How to Safely Share Content with Other Mercury Groups

If you want to share content between groups, you need to contact the group manager and make sure you both have the same understanding of what kinds of news/events to share and when. This is especially important if:

  • A group is using automatic feeds, as any content you share may automatically be added to their calendar or list of news items.
  • One of you edits or deletes a piece of content that the other group needs.

Sharing Events with the Main Georgia Tech Calendar Site

To have your event show on the main Calendar site, check the box labeled Include this event on the Campus Calendar (within the Categories and Keywords section).

Canceled or Postponed Events

If an event is canceled or postponed, rather than deleting it from the system, add the word “CANCELED:” or “POSTPONED:” to the beginning of the event "Title". This will prevent broken links and confused users who may be looking for updated event information. Currently, events are never removed from the main Calendar site, so this also helps clarify their status on that website.

Sharing News with the Main Georgia Tech News or Research Horizons Sites

Institute Communications

First, contact an Institute Communications person from the Media Relations, Campus Communications, or the Research News teams. Tell them about story you have that you think would be great on one (or both) of these sites.


If research-related, check the box next to the most appropriate topic under "Core Research Areas".

If not research-related, let Institute Communications know which of these categories your story best matches: Business and Economic Development, Campus and Community, Earth and Environment, Health and Medicine, Science and Technology, or Society and Culture.

Create and Attach Media Files Correctly

In addition, it is especially important than any media on a news story for one of these sites be correct in its:

  • Aspect ratio: a 16 by 9 ratio is needed
  • Order of the first and second images: the first image listed is used as the Thumbnail or small image, while the second image chosen under "Media" is shown at the top of the full story page for this news item on those sites. The only exception to this is that any story with a video will automatically use the video instead at the top of the full story page.