Installing CAS

Drupal Version

There are two components needed to add CAS support to a Drupal website: the phpCAS Library, and two supporting Drupal modules.

phpCAS Library

  1. Download and install the current, stable version of the phpCAS Library.  As of early 2017, the current version was phpCAS 1.3.4 – if you are using and older version, you should consider upgrading as soon as possible to get the latest security patches.
  2. Install it under the sites/all/libraries/ directory of your Drupal site.  Rename the top level directory to CAS so that you have the CAS.php file inside of sites/all/libraries/CAS/

Drupal Modules

You will need to configure CAS to talk to the Georgia Tech CAS service.

  1. Log into the special original user account (user #1) that you setup when creating your Drupal site.  This is the main administrative account that has full power over everything in your site.  If this account is the same as someone's GT Account Username, you should rename the account to something else (good names are "root" or "admin", which make it easy to identify the account later on.
  2. Download and install the Libraries and CAS modules into your Drupal site's sites/all/modules/ directory, or if your site supports it, install them via the Install Module option in the Modules section of your site's administrative controls.
  3. Go to the Modules page of your site's administrative controls and enable (turn on) both modules.  Once you have enabled these modules DO NOT LOG OUT OF THE SITE until you have finished the remaining steps.  Otherwise, you will find yourself locked out of your site!
  4. Go to the Permissions page of your site's administrative controls (found under the People section), and make sure that the following permissions are enabled for the highest level user role in your site (commonly "administrator", or for sites using the GT Profile, "super administrator") (Don't forget to save your changes!) :
    • CAS -> Administer CAS
    • User -> Administer Permissions
    • User -> Administer Users
  5. Go to the CAS settings page of your site's administrative controls (found under the Configuration -> People section) and configure your CAS settings.
  6. In a different web browser from the one in which you are currently using, browse to your Drupal site and try to login with your personal GT Account Username and password.
  7. In your original browser, still logged in as User #1, go to the People page of your site's administrative controls.
  8. Select the edit option next to your personal GT Account Username (i.e. jdoe3), and then give yourself the highest level user role in your site, then select the Save button at the bottom of the page.

CAS Configuration Guides