Installing Drupal 10 Using the GT Installer Script

Drupal Version

For most general use cases, we recommend the OIT Web Hosting turnkey install option of Drupal 10: when requesting a new Web Hosting account, you can mark the Drupal Express option on the request form and your account will be pre-loaded with a ready-to-use version of Drupal 10 complete with the official Georgia Tech web theme and page layout system.

Some users may wish to manually set up Drupal 10 with Georgia Tech components. A Drupal 10 GT Installer script is available to install Drupal Core, the GT Theme, the GT Tools module, and the Curie profile.

NOTE: If you want to have the Georgia Tech theme blocks for Layout Builder in your site, you should install the site either through the GT Installer script or the turnkey option mentioned above. While not impossible, it is difficult to properly install these components into an already existing Drupal 10 website.

Pre-Installation Note

  • Download the installer script to a directory outside of the project path. Otherwise, you will receive a “$PROJECTPATH is not empty” error.
  • If you have receive a memory limit error, you can set the composer memory limit with the following command:

Installation process

  1. Download and unzip the gt_installer project.
  2. At the command line, navigate to the gt_installer directory.
  3. Make sure the file '' is executable.
  4. Run ./ and follow the prompts:
$ ./

Enter the full path to your project directory: /c/path/to/your/installation-folder

Enter your database username: database_username

Enter your database password: database_password

Enter your database host (probably localhost): localhost

Enter the database port: 3306

Enter the name of the database: database_name

Enter the site name: Site Name

Enter the site email:


Instructions courtesy of Veronique Topping.