Drush (Drupal Shell)

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Drush (Drupal Shell) is a great Drupal "module" to accomplish many administrative tasks via the command-line. It is not a module in the normal sense, because it's not enabled/disabled from the Drupal admin. Instead, it actually lives anywhere on your local system and is run like any other local executable. Here are some of its key features from the Drush Drupal.org page:

A few core drush features:

  • The Drush Package Manager allows you to download, enable, disable, uninstall, update modules/themes/profiles/translations from the command line in a very simple way (apt-get style) - just type e.g. drush dl views and drush enable views in a Drupal directory to install the Views project!
  • Additionally, the Drush Package Manager also allows you to update all your modules with just one command - drush update.
  • Drush Core: several useful utilities for site administrators and developers (e.g. drush cron or drush cache clear)
  • Drupal SQL Commands help you issue queries to any of your databases (i.e. is multi-site aware) and even helps you migrate databases between your environments.
  • Drush simpletest commands make it easy to run unit tests from the command line and email results to your dev team.
  • Drush now supports aliases which let's you perform actions on separate Drupal installations.  This is very useful for multi-site configurations.

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