Mercury Developers Guide

Drupal Version

This section provides help, tips and tricks for using the Mercury Reader (hg_reader) module for Drupal 7, or other techniques, for bringing Mercury news and events into your Drupal website.

If you are looking for assistance with posting news and events to the Mercury server, we have several Mercury Users Guide.

Methods for Bringing Mercury into Drupal

Drupal sites on campus have three options for getting news and events from this campus repository:

  1. Using the Mercury (Hg) Reader module provided by Institute Communications (only available for Drupal 7 at this time)
  2. Using a custom module to grab XML Feeds of content, which can then be parsed and stored locally on your Drupal site.
  3. Using Feeds Extensible Parsers to bridge between a Mercury XML feed and Drupal's Feeds Importer.

By far, the first option is the easiest one to implement, and is thus the recommended option as well.

Mercury Developers Topics