A Drupal Site on OIT Web Hosting is Unable to Send Email

Drupal Version


Email from a Drupal website on OIT Web Hosting is being delivered to non-Georgia Tech email addresses, but is failing on Georgia Tech email addresses (@gatech.edu).


To fix this issue, ensure that the From: email address in Drupal (set in Configuration -> Site Information) is a valid Georgia Tech email address.

More details, per OIT Web Hosting:

Since this problem has come up more frequently, I’ll clarify what the issue is:

outbound.gatech.edu requires that if you are sending to *@*.gatech.edu address that the OIT MX servers handle (which is most of them), the “From:” address has to be a valid Georgia Tech address. Along with this, if the “From:” address isn’t valid, there is no way for outbound.gatech.edu to send a bounce message back.

This is a requirement of the OIT MX servers and isn’t related to anything that Web Hosting restricts.  In fact, on the Web Hosting servers, the message shows as sent, but that just means it was sent on to outbound.gatech.edu.