Redirection and Checking for Broken Links

Drupal Version

A Redirect module is available for Drupal to help manage link redirects and locate problem areas on your site post-migration.


To install, follow the directions below:

  1. Download the Redirect module
  2. Upload the module to your /sites/all/modules/ folder, or use the Upload New Module administration page.
  3. Install and enable the module.


The interface for the Redirect can be found under Configuration -> Search and Metadata -> URL redirects, or by navigating to /admin/config/search/redirect.

On the overview page, a listing of your existing redirects are in place. Drupal tracks each redirect, their status, the type of redirect, and how often they're accessed. 

Finding and Fixing Dead Links

You can also use the Fix 404 Pages, located at /admin/config/search/redirect/404 or as a sub-tab off of the URL Redirects page. 

This page allows you to identify currently-broken links on your site and a quick way to create a redirect. 

Leverage your local web developer (or contact the Georgia Tech Drupal mailing list) to see if a page or link needs to be redirected.

In the example above, wp-admin.php is a WordPress (another content management system) login page and is routinely used by bots and hackers to attempt to infiltrate your website. Because we're running Drupal, we can ignore most all of those pages. 

To add a redirect to one of these 404'd pages, select the Add Redirect link to the right.

Redirect Options

When creating a redirect, the form should look similar to below.

All that is needed to complete a redirect is completing the To, or where the page needs to go when redirected.

Under Advanced Options, the redirect status can help search engines and browsers interpret the link. The Redirect module provides some short description by each one to give an idea of what each does.

Unless otherwise noted, 301 Moved Permanently or Default (301) should always be used.

If you think you have a use case for any of the other redirect types, please contact a web developer on-campus. Improper usage of the redirect type may hurt access to your redirected page by search engines.