Slide Shows and Carousels

Drupal Version

While carousels were traditionally seen as a good way to squeeze more content into a limited amount of screen space, research studies (see Should I Use a Carousel?) show that site visitors are most likely to ignore anything beyond the first slide, and a poorly built carousel can irritate users, leaving them with negative feelings towards your site and your organization.

More information is available on the image carousels page of the Georgia Tech Resources for Webmasters website, but in short, for the time being it's best to avoid carousels whenever possible, especially with Drupal sites.

Warning:  If you inherit any Drupal sites, you may see the GT Slideshow or GT Carousel Slider module on them.  These modules are no longer supported or maintained and should be removed from your site(s) as soon as possible.

For sharing a small collection of images, an image gallery that displays properly sized thumbnails that link to their full-size counterparts is the best option.  For larger collections of images, you should consider an actual photo album application.  There are hosted options as well as locally installable applications like ZenPhoto that you can consider.