SimpleXMLElement Errors in Logs After Drupal 7.61 Update

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Per Kevin Pittman's insight posted on the GTDUG Team:

With Drupal 7.61, be aware that you're now likely to see a bunch of "SimpleXMLElement" errors on the Modules Update screen. This is caused whenever a module's project status data can't be retrieved. 


There are two cases that will have to be addressed:

  1. If you (or someone else) built a custom module and included a "project=" line in the .info file without also including a proper "project status url=" line as well (or, you have that line, but it doesn't point to a valid XML file)

  2. You are running any GT modules from Institute Communications (GT Tools, etc). Most instances of these are looking for the "project status url" at, which we been redirecting to the new location of the repo, ever since we upgraded the GT Drupal Users group site a couple years ago. Unfortunately, the updated code in Drupal 7.61 doesn't handle the redirect correctly any more.


There is a quick, but behind-the-scenes fix for both problems:

  1. Edge case fix: For custom modules, remove the line "project=" and "project status url=" entries from the module's .info file unless you actually have a valid Drupal style repo set up with a valid project status XML file.

  2. Common fix: for all of the GT modules you are running (including Mercury Reader [hg_reader]), edit the .info file and change the "project status url" server from to and save. Don't change anything else on that line -- just the server.

The upside is that the errors shouldn't interfere with running updates of regular third-party modules, but should any updates be pushed out for GT modules, you won't get them on your site until you manually patch your existing module as I described above.