Drupal 7 campus modules & themes no longer supported

The Drupal 7 Georgia Tech modules and theme are no longer actively supported by campus, and have reached End of Life. No further updates are expected for these modules. This includes Drupal 7 versions of Mercury Reader (hg_reader), the GT theme (gt_theme), and GT Tools (gt_tools).

Those with websites running on Drupal 7 should upgrade to a supported version of Drupal to be able to run supported versions of the Georgia Tech modules and theme. Additional information is available at ServiceNow article KB0042162.

Have a problem?

If your unit site is:

  • Still on Drupal 7
  • Broken due to an unmaintained module or theme
  • And without a web developer to identify and patch the issue

Then we recommend contracting with an approved web vendor to fix the issue (short-term) and migrate the site away from Drupal 7 (long-term).