Meeting notes: February 17, 2012

Topics covered: C&M web assessment project; DrupalCon Denver; GT Drupal 7 install profile defaults.

I. Communication & Marketing: Web Assessment project

  • C&M are spending the next 8 weeks or so finishing up phase 1 of a Web assessment project
    • It aims to lead to an underlying, best-practice-based web infrastructure for Tech:
      • in both C&M & OIT
      • inline with president's vision of "One Tech"
      • allowing for the distributed nature of the web at Tech
      • with specific strategies in web theming & installing, using Drupal (as does)
    • Will include later phases
      • for User Experience Design and Coding
      • with working groups of selected stakeholders (such as some from departments & OIT & etc.) 
      • may use outside, expert consultants, such as MediaCurrent, Acquia, Phase2, etc.
      • might use CiviCRM

II. DrupalCon Denver - March 2012

  • Why DrupalCon? - Training!
  • Brainstorm with Higher education colleagues @ DrupalCon Denver: Boulder & Portland
    • They've already gone through a web assessment of how to be "One University" using Drupal as infrastructure
    • Perhaps a lunch meeting with them to share ideas. If interested, contact Eric Huffman.
  • Our thoughts on this assessment:
    • Make it easy for faculty/research groups/departments/schools to follow/use (in case they don't have a lot of Drupal or development expertise).
    • Schools care most about their homepage, so build in lots of coolness and flexibility here.
    • Certain units have similar needs that could be served by a specific installation profile. Ideas for specific types:
      • A faculty person's site
      • A research group or lab site (example content: faculty profiles, sponsors, publications, projects)

II. Drupal 7 Install profile defaults

  • We formed a sub-group of developers and C&M staff to develop some common installation profiles for D6 & D7. Initial members include:
    • Alfred Bacon (lead, DLPE)
    • Adelle Frank (OIT)
    • Brian Danin (C&M)
    • Eric Huffman (C&M)
    • Arian Padron (Chemistry)
    • Lew Lefton (Mathematics)
    • Andrew Dugenske (Manufacturing Research Center)
    • Joanie Chembars (Architecture)
    • Raj Vuchatu (GTRI)
    • Thomas Becher (Sciences)
    • Yashodhan Chinchore (DLPE)
    • Moses Adrien (DLPE)
    • Rachel Ponder (ECE)
  • In the short-term, this group will use DLPE's (now re-titled Professional Education) git & redmine server, kindly hosted by Alfred Bacon.
  • In order to to respect the resource commitments of Alfred and DLPE, access to this server will be limited by invitation only, and the development will focus only on common installation profiles, features and themes for GT, created by a small group of developers and communications staff.
  • The ownership of these Installation profiles will live with Communications & Marketing, and will be shared with the GT community through this site (

III. Other updates

  • There may be a unified way of handling Faculty/Scholar profiles coming down the pipes.
    • Leadership, perhaps, from Office of Research/GTRI
    • Might use Symplectic backend and VIVO frontend software (could integrate with drupal's OpenScholar, perhaps)
    • Could make it easier for us to give all sites detailed, centralized information on faculty.


Meeting Attendees: 9.