Meeting notes: July 19, 2013

Topics covered: Asset management of photos in College of Sciences, updates and feedback for Institute Communications' Beta GT theme.

Topics Covered

  1. Digital Asset (Photo) Management (Eric Sembrat, College of Sciences: Deans Office)
    • Case study on using Drupal for media collection and storage.
    • Fun tangent conversation on video asset management.
      • The takeaway is that RAW video conversion and playback on a Drupal site is unlikely without significant performance issues on the server side.
  2. Quick update and feedback on Beta 'One' Georgia Tech Theme (Eric Huffman, Institute Communications)
    • There will be MAJOR testing of the new theme needed after next week!
      • This is due to a release schedule for the top-level web.
    • PLEASE try out the next release when it's announced and give feedback (so YOUR great ideas make it in for everybody).
      • Especially, try the theme on all your devices (tablets, smart phones, large screens, etc.) & let Institute Communications know if it breaks.
  3. Next month: Adelle presents on Rules & Views.