Meeting notes: July 20, 2012

Topics covered: image gallery show-and-tell by Joanie Chembars & Brian Danin; Staging Drupal on by Adam Arrowood.

I. Image gallery Show-and-Tell

  • Joanie Chembars - Architecture (, leverages Drupal)
    • clones image submitted by student as a submission to be approved by admins/professors
    • Uses Views with Exposed Filters
  • Brian Danin - Comm & Marketing (, leverages Flickr)
    • Flickr field added to pages (so flickr controls permissions for uploading by Comm team)
    • Also uses media and lightbox modules (can't use in D7 because it auto creates ALL sets in Drupal, not just chosen ones)
    • Backup locally, but share via already-created software (Flickr & its API)
    • There are legal release forms for photos/videos on

II. Staging Drupal for fun and profit on

  • Adam Arrowood - OIT web hosting
  • Goals: performance (caching), seamless testing/staging/production moves, security, reliability, etc.