Meeting notes: June 15, 2012

Topics covered: Responsive Theming with Omega - Tim Whelan.

I. Tim Whelan "My work responsive theming with Omega"

II. Key concepts

  • Design for FLUID grids, with BREAK POINTS.

  • Use PERCENTAGES (%) for everything.
  • Image handling gets tricky (upload all images in 3 diff sizes because not all browsers can do % for images). Will VML (Vector Markup Language) save us someday?
  • Omega & Fusion & Adaptive themes: nice UI, LOTS of options (sometimes too many), but quick to set up because of this. (Adaptive more accessible).
  • Display suite module (control content display using a drag and drop interface)
  • Fences module (specify an HTML element for each field)
  • Current Drupal is hard to change output HTML in (see mothership theme for attempts to combat 'div-itis')

  • Mega menus can help explain structure of site. See Tim's presentation for JS code.