Meeting notes: June 21, 2013

Topics covered: Survey of sites on Web hosting, Ajax in Drupal's Form API, New D7 Theme for GT, reports from DrupalCon Portland (last month).

  1. Survey of sites on web hosting (Adam Arrowood & Doug Curtis)
    • Adam Arrowood and Doug Curtis have been counting websites at Georgia Tech.
    • Hear what they are up to.
  2. Ajax in the Forms API (Fletcher Moore) (download slides and sample module)
    • Quick introduction to writing modules & the Drupal hook system (if needed)
    • Writing Ajax without writing JS
    • coda: Ajax framework commands
  3. The New GT Drupal 7 Theme: coming soon! (Eric Huffman)
  4. Stuff we Learned at DrupalCon (which was in Portland last month):
  5. Other ideas/problems?