Meeting notes: March 15, 2013

Topics covered: New community site, with more how to guides for Editors, tales of migrating to Drupal 7, the install script for GT Drupal, drush on web hosting, and DrupalCon Portland in May.

  1. NEW community site goes live, thanks to YOUR feedback! (
  2. Migrating to Drupal 7 - stories of confusion and success (great tips from Matt Myskowski of IBB), especially about Feeds having trouble importing fields with multiple values (and Matt's hack to get around this).
  3. Drush: ideas from Derek in Computing about how we might do drush (Adam from OIT later sent out a document showing how one might use this on web hosting:
  4. DrupalCon Portland: a number of we GT'ers are going to be there - we should hang out :)
  5. Updates on GT install script/profile: in need of LOTS of testing, especially to see if the GT Editor set up works