Meeting Notes: May 24, 2016

Topics covered: Announcements; DrupalCon updates; Acquia and vendor updates; Friday Help Desk changes.

Discussions & Announcements

Upcoming DrupalCamps:

DrupalCon New Orleans: lots of neat sessions, attendees will highlight which of free online sessions videos they most recommend from YouTube playlist.

GT (OIT, Communications, especially) in talks with Acquia to learn more about Acquia Cloud (small test project may happen soon) and Content Hub (news and events syndication, no profiles or media, only shares within the Cloud, but neat ability to handle emergency notifications). For GT drupal geeks, is a good idea to test local environment with (free) Acquia Dev Desktop.

Web vendors need technically-knowledgable project managers/intermediaries for GT projects, but there's currently no process or funding for this. Will be late 2017/early 2018 before Web RFP is opened to additional vendors.

Decided to switch Friday morning help desks to afternoon of fourth Thursdays of the month. This will start in June 2016.

Please contribute if you have any code snippets or other notes from this meeting.