Meeting Notes: November 15, 2013

This meeting was caputured via the GT WebEx service. You can view a playback here:


A few announcements about the GT Drupal Users Group (GTDUG):

'Leadership' Committee announcement
  • Members
    • Adelle Frank
    • Eric Huffman
    • Fletcher Moore
    • Eric Sembrat
    • Rachel Ponder
    • Mike Alberghini
    • Aimee Rydarowski
    • Alfred Bacon
  • Any other users interested in joining can contact Adelle Frank directly.
  • Goal is to distribute group work across all members and help guide discussions, future topics, meetings, build days, etc.
  • Build Day in December 5th
    • Hosted by Mike Alberghini
    • Focused on website migrations from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7
      • More important now as Drupal 8's release will result in Drupal 6 reaching end-of-life (EoF, meaning that no more security updates will be issued). 
  • Meeting Changes for December/January 2014
    • December and January meetings will be relocated to the College of Architecture due to OIT work in the Bradley Building


Eric Huffman
  • Slideshow Feature/Module for Implementation
    • Using FlexSlider module
    • Concern
      • Exporting CSS exporting or feature
      • Possible solution to incorporate CSS into the base theme
Aimee Rydarowski
  • .htaccess rule to redirect resources to development server.