Meeting Notes: October 18, 2013

Topics covered: Updates on the GT Theme and Build Day, presentation on Menu Mini-Panels and styling, announcements on DrupalCamp Atlanta and DrupalCamp Chattanooga.

Theme Updates

  • Now on Version 2.1.
  • Next version will include:
    • markup changes for IE conditionals in html.tpl (was using less than) 
    • default address line break characters removed
    • default super footer menus like top level

Build Day

Scheduled for Nov. 5 from 1pm - 4pm at Gordy Room in Wardlaw (will be putting up an RSVP on d.g.e)

  • Prerequisites:
    • An understanding basic Drupal site building and terms (Blocks, Menus, Nodes/Entities, Users, Themes) -- will direct folks to if they need an orientation 
  • Proposed Agenda
    • 15 - 30 min. on an introduction to new theme and its settings options (setting up menus, site logo/title, etc.)
    • Show off out of the box options of a Drupal site
    • Show off building various GT Tools content types (horizontal/vertical and multipurpose pages) along with block referencing options, and block theme options, plus directory page option
    • Will cover menu building (basic drop-downs) 30 min on using Adelle's install profile to jump start a site 
    • Will briefly cover running install script -
    • Will show off CKEditor enhancements, and other elements that it provides beyond out of the box Drupal install 30 min on installing Mercury Reader module and pulling Mercury content onto a site

2nd half will cover advanced options:

  • Using flexslider, adaptive image modules -
  • Subtheming


  • look into getting install script CKEditor to use new link and image float options
  • get d.g.e and sandbox site up to date with documentation and style guide-like pages

Menu Mini-Panels

Find the presentation here.

Upcoming Conferences

  • DrupalCamp Atlanta is this weekend (October 19)! Registration is $35, but likely to sell out early!
  • DrupalCamp Chattanooga is November 9th! Registration is $25. This conference is in its first year, so come out and support local Drupalers!

Action Items

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