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The Drupal 7 Georgia Tech modules and theme are no longer actively supported by campus, and have reached End of Life. No further updates are expected for these modules. This includes Drupal 7 versions of Mercury Reader (hg_reader), the GT theme (gt_theme), and GT Tools (gt_tools).

Those with websites running on Drupal 7 should upgrade to a supported version of Drupal to be able to run supported versions of the Georgia Tech modules and theme. Additional information is available at ServiceNow article KB0042162.

Have a problem?

If your unit site is:

  • Still on Drupal 7
  • Broken due to an unmaintained module or theme
  • And without a web developer to identify and patch the issue

Then we recommend contracting with an approved web vendor to fix the issue (short-term) and migrate the site away from Drupal 7 (long-term).

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Fletcher Moore, Lead Web Developer of Institute Communications at Georgia Tech, dives into the technical challenges and fixes required to bring the custom application Mercury up to Drupal 9.

Mercury is Georgia Tech's custom web application that syndicates news, events, and directory information across campus.