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  • Mercury 3.0 coming March 14.

    Note that there will be CONTENT FREEZE beginning on Friday, March 10 at 6pm, and extending to Wednesday, March 15, at noon.

    This means that any content additions/changes made to Mercury during that window will not be reflected on the sites, nor will they be carried over, once Mercury goes live again.

    If you have material that needs to be published during that window, we suggest you create it in advance, import it to your site, and unpublish it until it needs to appear.

    All material in the system up to the beginning of the content freeze will be migrated to the new platform, including users and groups. Functionally the new site is identical to the old site; if you’re unable to figure out how something works let us know: webteam@gatech.edu. Training sessions are also available, and documentation is available in the Merucry Handbook.