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A Drupal Site on OIT Web Hosting is Unable to Send Email


Email from a Drupal website on OIT Web Hosting is being delivered to non-Georgia Tech email addresses, but is failing on Georgia Tech email addresses (@gatech.edu).


To fix this issue, ensure that the From: email address in Drupal (set in Configuration -> Site Information) is a valid Georgia Tech email address.

More details, per OIT Web Hosting:

Since this problem has come up more frequently, I’ll clarify what the issue is:

Automating Drupal Cron on OIT Web Hosting

Unless you manually configure Drupal cron to be run by your web hosting server, it will be automatically run when someone visits a page on your Drupal site after a certain amount of time has passed.  This method works perfectly fine, but can slow down the display of the page the user requested since the cron run will block page generation until it has finished.  This becomes more noticeable on site visited less frequently as more tasks can accumulate that need to be executed during a cron run.